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On what devices can I access LagreeOD?

Website: You can access LagreeOD via our website on any computer, mobile device, or tablet via a web browser. We recommend Google Chrome as the most compatible web browser with LagreeOD, but you can still access LagreeOD via Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Google Chromecast: You can access LagreeOD via Google Chromecast (*Requires Google Chromecast device/Built-in Chromecast TV). Use Google Chromecast on the Chrome browser on Android or Desktop, or via the iOS app.

AirPlay/AirPlay 2: We are AirPlay and AirPlay 2 compatible! You can mirror LagreeOD to your Apple or non-Apple TV from your Apple device.

Why won’t my classes stream properly?

This could be for a variety of reasons! But most of the time, this is due to drops in internet connection, which happen from time to time. We recommend a minimum download speed of 10. Check your speeds here:

If your speeds are on the slower side, you may need to check in with your internet service provider to see if there is any way they can optimize your connection.

For the best streaming experience, we recommend using Google Chrome. If you’re already using Chrome, please clear your cache and cookies, then open a new window. You should also make sure you are using the latest version of Chrome. If the trouble persists, you can also try a different browser and see if that helps.

Also, you can adjust the video quality to see if that helps. Start playing the class and you’ll see a gear icon in the bottom-right corner of the player. Click on the icon and the streaming options will appear. The lower the number, the lower the video quality—meaning the class will play more smoothly with a slow connection.

Why am I getting error messages when trying to play a class?

Did you try to play a class and get an error message like “Ooops, something went wrong on our end” or “We’re having issues connecting to our servers” or something similar? We can help but we need your help too!

1. What device and/or browser are you using?
2. Do you have any available updates on your device, web browser, or app? Please update, if so.
3. Do you encounter this issue for all classes or specific ones?
4. Do you encounter this issue on multiple devices? If not, are you connected to the same internet across all devices?
5. Are you using a VPN? If so, momentarily, can you turn it off? This sometimes does the trick!
6. If you are on wifi, try turning wifi off and using data to see if this allows the video to play. If the video plays, this is most likely due to an issue with your internet service provider.

Why won’t livestream work?

Apologies in advance if this is the case! We value your time and personal schedules and commitment. But we can help! So let’s take a deep breathe together and make this work! We upload all of our live steam classes for on-demand viewing, so in case you miss it entirely, you can still take the class.

If the livestream class buffers and skips around buffering, please ensure that you are connected to a reliable internet connection. The livestream will adjust to your current internet connection and speed, which may result in buffering and delays.

If you are on the website, taking a livestream class, and you experience a lot of buffering, please refresh your browser.

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