Lagree Megaformer M3


Patented and Patent Pending

This page is for information only! You need to contact us to purchase or lease the Megaformer or the EVO.

Ask for current lead times!

You have 3 different options for prices depending if the machine is new or restored and if you are a licensee or not.

1. New Mega - if you are a Licensee, you pay this price (leases are also available, please contact us for more info): $7,900
2. New Mega - if you are not a Licensee, you pay this price: $14,900
3. Restored Mega - does not matter if you are a licensee or not (depends on availability): $6,900 - $8,900

  • Want to upgrade your Mega to a SUPERFAST spring change? Add $500
  • Want to upgrade your Mega to a Static Handles? Add $600

More Information about this model.

The M3 is the 3rd generation of Megafomers and is currently the chassis for all Megaformers.

Lagree On Demand (LOD): For Instructions, exercises, on demand classes, and live classes; please go to official virtual platform www.lagreeod.com

Carriage: The M3 comes equipped with an extended, widened carriage. There are two openings at the front of the carriage as seen on the M2, however, an additional two (2) openings, referred to as eyelets, have been added between the two (2) existing openings seen on the M2 (total of four openings on the back end of the M3 carriage). A side rail has been added on both sides of the carriage for added hand and foot placement.

Handles: Rotating handles are located on the front of the machine. The top handles rotate 90 degrees for the following positions: Parallel 1, Parallel 2, T Bar, and Cross Bar. The lower handles can be moved into Full Position facing inward or outward.

Platform: Less square and more ergonomic. The fixed and angular shape of the platform enables better body positioning and alignment. Corners of the M2’s platform have been “cut off.” Two (2) more handles have been added on the M3’s platform.

Springs: 8

16” from floor to top of the carriage
305 pound


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