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After years of being a rabid fitness junkie and yoga teacher, Eva discovered the Lagree method in 2014 when she happened to walk by a Megaformer studio in downtown Long Beach. She had recently decided to try traditional pilates and was on an intro package, but it wasn’t quite hitting the spot, so she decided to try a Lagree class. It may come as no surprise that she was immediately hooked. Her body changed substantially in ways she never thought possible, and she never lifted another weight again. Lagree became her go-to for strength training and muscle building/endurance. Because of her background as a fitness teacher already, it made sense to get certified to become a Lagree teacher, but Eva also has a background in performing arts. Having acquired a BFA in Acting from Cal State Fullerton and performed on stages from London to New Zealand, Eva feels most comfortable when using her body and voice in her everyday life… so working in this capacity is right up her alley! Since being certified she has taught at studios all over the Los Angeles area including KP Body Sculpt, MegaFit by Lagree, Pilates Platinum, and Lagree213. Eva is also a Level 3 Master Teacher since 2023 and currently a featured teacher for Lagree on Demand.

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