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What is LagreeOD?

LagreeOD is unique video on demand platform created by Lagree Fitness including live events powered by “The Lagree Method” and certified teachers.

Can I become a teacher?

Yes! Click here to learn more about our teacher & earning program.

How much does the subscription cost?

LagreeOD offers three subscription options! Weekly option for $3.99 USD, Monthly $9.99 USD. We also offer an annual subscription option for $99.99.

Can I watch the LagreeOD classes from any device?

Yes! You can watch them on computer, mobile device or tablet that you access the site through and you can also stream it to any TV through AirPlay or Chromecast!

Are the teachers certified?

All LagreeOD teachers are certified by Lagree Fitness.

Can I do this workout if I am pregnant?

As always, consult with your physician before beginning any new workout regimen. With that said, Lagree is an excellent choice for pregnancy as it is low impact and gentle on your body. These are the Lagree moves that we advise you stay away from:

· Supercrunch
· Kneeling Ab Crunch
· Tailbone Angel
· Swimmer
· Any oblique move that is not using neutral spine
· Any move on the back of the Micro

Some great alternatives to these moves are:
Kneeling plank holds, side planks, bear, scrambled egg, and upper body moves.
*Additionally, adding an extra light spring for light moves in the front will offer more support and is highly recommended.

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